Reminiscing with 'Purpose'
is Therapeutic and Unifying!

(Research led by neuroscientist R. Spreng, Ph.D., at Cornell University)

This interactive eBook
is the definitive guide to
Reminisce with Purpose!

Memory Triggers!

physical memories
as the
'Legacy Trustee!'

'Legacy Letter'
for intimate
messages in an
'Ethical Will'

Preserve writings
in digital
text fields or
print to scribble!

Everyone has a story to tell and
someone who needs to hear it!



What the Experts Say!

Engaging brain areas linked to so-called ‘off task’ mental activities (such as reminiscing) can actually boost performance on some challenging mental tasks, according to new research led by neuroscientist R. N. Spreng, Ph.D., at Cornell University.

Source: 2014 Science Daily article,
'Reminiscing Can Help Boost
Mental Performance'

Reminiscence therapy performed over a short period of time in closed groups was shown to be more effective than everyday conversations in the treatment of elderly people with dementia.

Source: 2008 Psychogeriatrics study
conducted by Yumiko Okumura, Ph.D.,
'Effects of Short-term Reminiscence Therapy
on Elderly with Dementia'

Memories of the past represent a valuable resource, which can be used to facilitate person-centered care, improve social interaction, or simply provide the theme for an hour’s activity.

Source: 'Time to Remember:
Introducing Reminiscence into Elderly Care',
ISBN 0 95404 3914. Valerie McClean

Research has shown that stimulating reminiscence in the elderly can be a meaningful activity and holds promise for positive effects on well-being.

Source: 'Journal of Intellectual & Developmental Disability,'
Sept 2006, Vol 31, pp. 139-147, Issue 3.
Joris Van Puyenbroeck

What Families Say!

"Reminiscing with 'purpose'
got our divided family talking again.
The family story is being told
and everyone's contributing!"

Donna Mulvaney,

"Our estate planner gave us
the guidebook to pass down our
values + valuables.
She won our loyalty for life."

Grady Reedy,
Retired & Disabled

"The best thing to happen
since the Covid-19 outbreak.
Families are interviewing
their loved ones by phone!"

Marilyn Forsette,
Senior Living Director

"Interviewing Mom
with the guidebook
is an amazing experience.
Dad's excited for his turn!"

Genevieve Powell,
Family Caregiver

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Branding your Guidebook
is easy and affordable!


Business Upgrade Features

Branded interactive eGuidebook

Branded online ‘flipbook’ version

Branded webpage for marketing

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Memorable client-appreciation gift!

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Everybody Wins by
Reminiscing with 'Purpose'


  • Strengthens family ties

  • Tells children their family is unique

  • Connects families during Covid-19


  • Improves memory cognition

  • Restores a sense of purpose

  • Increases family interactions


  • Transfers wisdom & wealth

  • Builds the family legacy

  • Meet the Family Legacy Trustee

Developed by
Legacy Industry Pioneers!




Our clients are
Transformational vs. Transactional!

Try these or chat with us.

General Use

The Guidebook comes in digital format, which means you can
  • Download the .pdf file
  • Print the Guidebook
  • Enter data with pen or pencil
  • Type it directly into the fields with your computer keyboard
  • Place in a ‘Legacy Trustee’ 3-ring binder
  • Share the Guidebook
You can download and print as many Guidebooks as you want!
Recording an interview in audio is the easiest and most effective way to collect stories at the beginning.
People lean in to hear audio stories, not distracted by images, only sound of the teller’s voice, personality, dialect and the story itself, told in their own words in their own way.
Use a smartphone or get a digital voice recorder at any electronics store for about $50.
The guidebook gives you recording tips, room setup, interview techniques and more.
Enjoy the experience! It just feels so good!
Like other downloadable e-books, we can’t refund your purchase because we can’t recover the product. Sorry but it is what it is 🙂

Biz & Branding

After subscribing, you’ll be redirected to a ‘Download’ page for simple instructions to send us via email like:
  • Personal ‘welcome’ message (edit or replace our copy)
  • Your name & title
  • Company name
  • Contact info
  • Quality photo of you or your team
  • Quality transparent logo (.png)
After receiving your information we’ll send you a proof for your approval or modifications (up to 3 changes), etc., within 2 business days.
Upon final approval, within 2 business days we’ll send via email your..
  • Print-ready .pdf file with interactive fields
  • Personalized URL for your branded ‘flipbook’ version, ideal for lead generation and marketing.
So we’ll give you a unique URL such as memoriesfrommylife.com/yourname
No header or footer or anything else is on this webpage except your personalized ‘Memories From My Life’ Guidebook.
Check it out!


It’s a whole new world out there for acquiring and retaining clients. Differentiation is near impossible except professionals who tell clients they care about their ‘values’ versus their valuables.
Giving clients the tools they need to reminisce with ‘purpose’ could be the most valuable service of all.
Yes! You’ll be notified in advance of your annual renewal with a link to cancel.
If you do not renew, you can keep your branded Guidebook but will lose your custom webpage with the ‘FlipBook’ version.

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